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I am a Fashion student who is contemporary studying in Nottingham (UK). 
There are many things attract my attention in life which is interesting such as different cultures(specially myths & stories) and history in any period of time and age . 
This blog contains all my passion in life and the thought of mine to share with those who inspired by me just for who i am underneath. Welcome to my journey of life :D
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Flower Crowns Review from K for Kani and others

                      (ALL Photo copyright @ Jiaqi Han)

   K is for Kani is the one of my favor shop where sells hand made flower crowns.    The shop owner of "K is for Kani" are also a blogger from Australia name Connie Cao. you can check her out by the link connected with her name as provided before.  Each piece was well-made individually and wonderful packed with lovely printed card by herself. 

  Although most of you might think flower crown will be more suitable to style with spring/summer outfit but i bit that wouldn't be true as there are more choices and colors than you will ever expected to play with during all seasons.   I always have that kind of feeling while waiting each piece of flower crown arriving home as a child opening their christmas gift set full with surprise and filled with happiness.


     "I always have problem called" never get enough of buying flower crowns;D"

    It's not the particular thing which you will feeling stop wearing them by the age to be fair. On the contrary those flower crown is one of the thing that keeps reminding me that what's real matter in life to keeping within me from my childhood. such as curiosity and compassion. 

    As my country's mother's day is coming up in the second sunday of May, and i am still thinking to find a suitable gift with letter send together back to China soon. It's never easy to tell her how much i miss her in distance as i am studying somewhere far away from home. but i will tell her it's going to be worth it and make her proud. 

Song of the day-"I've Got the World on a String" by Ella Fitzgerald

                               Hope you all enjoy every moment of your life:)


                            Jiaqi with Love                           

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring are full of colourful prints

                                                                                                           (Copyright belongs to Jiaqi Han)

I can't hardly describe how much i love about spring and summer except i got some sensitive skin problem lately by this transaction from the weather.

The topic i have been considering about spring is going to be all kinds of bright print fabrics that first came out of my mind. 

It would be perfect to wear this outfit walking down the beach and writing the notes with thoughts till the sunset once the weather gets any warmer.

So here i am to share some of my spring holiday getaways inspired look.

High waist Maxi long Skirt from New Look print exotic skirt

Necklace from PeopleTree
Las Vefas Crop Bra Top from FreePeople

  The lipstick i have been using is by Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy #4 . I highly recommend YSL as the one of the kind daily favor. 

Their lipstick has the best smell out of all brands and you can also find your shape of color which match with your skin color.
And speaking of this perfume names"Thai Lily" contains Bali mango, 
Asiatic lily and teakwood. I found it about a month ago on Anthropologie.

The special thing about this perfume is the bottle design different then the most of perfumes on the market as you can see through the photo detail given below.

There's a sentence written on the bottle"Go Be Lovely"is just adorable way to make you feel so nice whenever you are using it.

If you want me to make my choice in between my phone or notebooks.
There's no doubt that the winner will be notebooks for me. 

I collecting all kinds of notebooks to fill my endless feeling in between those paper with ink and my emotion ever since i was a little girl. 

This might be the great escape to clam myself being peaceful during short break if i wouldn't have enough money and time for travel.
As you can tell there are a lots of flower things going on no matter shown on those covers or the floral crown. 

I have confession to make- I already drown myself into this helpless obsession which full of floral crown.
It's going to be the next episode of my blog.

                                  Enjoy the spring                                   

Jiaqi with Love

Nail Polish from Paul&Joe at BeautyBay 
Notebooks Set from Ted Backer where you can find at johnlewis
Floral Crown from ASOS

Keep on going in my life with lots of ups and downs moment.

(This photo was taken by Jiaqi Han, film located on my room with the view of my inspiration wall )

  I've been through tough times lately like every normal human being would had. Even the toughest time made me felt like there aren't any better description more likely as hundreds of birds hitting my chest and trying to get out from part of my body like the way i feel about myself now.

   It's part of my own duty knowing how to take care of myself well than anyone else would ever care.(Since i have known that wouldn't be pretty much reliable as my recent experiences) 

 As i know a matter of fact that for each 'flower' which needs to grow in the way they must testing or challenging by different kind of weather. It just the same as our lives , but the only differences depends on whether we can aware that way to learn from our mother nature.

   Early on the beginning of the day i found out there's a great YouTuber that really made me feel more positive full with strength.(Go and check her out by visiting the link given below on her YouTube Channel called"CutiePieMarzia".

   Internet is a such magical things that can made people really feeling connected somehow.That's one of the reason why i would like to express my passion towards style and life on my blog and totally just being me. You wouldn't feel how free that can possibly within a person that would able to do what he/she loves about.

   Just close your eyes and feeling
the unfading excitement back to your childhood dreams, that's matters to keep myself living faithfully in this society-Turning imagination into something real by action.

  I believe that the way to be a better person by learning from the past and let it go.

Day of the song by Rachael Yamagata "Falling in Love Again", Please feel loved no matter if you have anyone right beside you or not . Anything will only getting better!:D

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Daily Discovery Music

  I started to finding new music in Spotify and almost play it everyday has became part of my daily routine.

  So i thought it will be a good idea to share some of my daily favorite to you guys , maybe it will bring your day like it was to me ! Enjoy this marvelous song about Mona Lisa sang by Natalie Cole.  Happy Easter and enjoy:D

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A New good life - Say goodbye to the past

   There are some moments when you realized that life aren't always been easy as those "good old days", as i have already choose this long path alone for goals that worth fighting for.   

 All those experiences as taken preciously including the darkest part in my life.  I wouldn't say the dark can not only destroy oneself but the bravest one always build from it .  I know there are plenty people out there are going through exactly what i went through -No matter the past,present or future.  

   It's really hard for me to see who will listening to me with a truthful heart until there have had been so many hurting without notice happened on my by others.   But ever since it is a past as i am writing here-There's no better way instead of letting it go.   Things can't be back as how it was . 

  Once it has becoming a truth , it can only making me feel stronger to walking towards my path.   Here is an old photograph taken by my vietnamese friend Linh Nguyen back to collage .  

   I was way too surprised about this photo once i founded in my collage final project's exhibition, because i never thought about this kind of thing will happen on me as my photo was taken as her inspiration as shown on her works. I still really appreciate about how mush she taught me in life .

                                                                                          (Photo taken and re-created by Linh Nguyen)

  The topic of her work was basic on different identities on oneself. I didn't quit remember the whole origin concept from her own idea. But i have my own point of thoughts about it.   Inspired by "Who You Are" can be easy to found in between human activities, specially when it comes to the process of the grown strength by knowing yourself through day to day life.   Although it's pretty easy to be ignore , but i believed that we all asked our parents or friends those 'weird' questions about our universe or our connection with this earth. 

  The most typical one as i still remember was- "Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?" All those question was using in French artist Paul Gauguin's painting as the title shown previously.This painting was created in the island called"Tahiti" as Paul once lived there.


  Modern life within complex information and all kinds of social media are taking away my inner peace and making others starting to forgot the pure curiosity and the braveness to discover and find it's own answer by what is seeing to be truth.  

  I do believe that every person can find their own interest then developing as a part of their live and make the best of it , only if they discover their potential strength by knowing who they are-It's also interesting go on a journey knowing who you are by the process(of course it is going to be fun but full of mistakes and decisions ) but that couldn't be a reason to give up or run away. 

  I truly hope that everyone can find their own little world fill with colorful imaging lands like a beautiful landscape whenever that you feels alone or dealing with tough situations . 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Denim x Spring

Denim x Spring

Denim x Spring by lydia-han featuring a friendship bracelet

                        1.Current/Elliott The Perfect Shirt: Revival Denim

                           2. Victoria's Secret VS Pencil Low-rise Straight Jeans 

 3. Genuine Leather Side-Zip Boots

            4.Michael Kors Tassel Pebbled Messenger Bag

       5.Friendship Bracelet 

   6.Roberto Cavalli Flower Print Silk Scarf

                                                                       7.Marini Silvano Ivana Dark Brown Felt Fedora Hat  

              8.Ray-Ban Club-master Sunglasses (Black)

       9.Iconic Woven Hip Belt

                                 10. Blush in Afternoon Tea(Powder Blush by Topshop)

                                11.Urban Decay Naked2 EyesShadow

     12.Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

          13.Ilia In My Room Lipstick

                                    Girl's Illustration from

walking through the La seine on the morning

walking through the La seine on the morning

walking through the La seine on the morning by lydia-han featuring leather shoes

1.Saint Laurent Floral Liberty print baby doll dress

2.Haider Ackermann Blazer

3.Chloe Oxfords & Brogues

4.Michael Kors Hamilton EW Saffiano Bag

5.Red Feather Drop Earrings(NewLook)

6.60s Collection Lennon Small Round Hippie Style Sunglass 2988

7. L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick

8.Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne perfume

9.Dior Constellation 864 eyeshadow Palette

Date Night

Date Night

Date Night by lydia-han featuring a royal blue fedora

1.Red Lipstick T-shirt sale by stefanie-renoma

2.Zara Checked Coat

3.Victoria Beckham Denim 'Power' Skinny Jeans

4.Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Trainer (in Black)

5.Coach Legacy Duffle Shoulder Bag (Pink)

6.Angie Texana Studded Wrap Bracelet

7.Royal Blue Fedora Hat from Boticca

8.Marc Jacobs Daisy by Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Prefume

9.Nail Polish from Beautybay

10.Alexa Chung's book 《It》

Hand make cover design for sketch book

    I made this cut out detail cover by giving a new look for my sketch book when i was still in college for Art and Design course. It was kind of the fun during the process by follow my intuition .

  As i was amazed by the way it looks in the end :) That's how i realized that you don't make plans for creativity in the way they should be (as it's already grown inside of you)! Following your instinct would be much more interesting and unexpected.

Reviews from last month's party after classes ;)

The process through my work from last project of Fashion Design (First Year)


Photos by Jiaqi                       (copy right belongs to Jiaqi Han)


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