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I am a Fashion student who is contemporary studying in Nottingham (UK). 
There are many things attract my attention in life which is interesting such as different cultures(specially myths & stories) and history in any period of time and age . 
This blog contains all my passion in life and the thought of mine to share with those who inspired by me just for who i am underneath. Welcome to my journey of life :D
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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Gypsy style for the degree fashion catwalk show last night

      The bag is specially founded by earlier year from a market in such unbelievable cheap price in my hometown Xiamen City (P.R China)  , as the design is originally made from Thailand.

 I've always wondering why such amazing piece made by hands with quality deserve such price compare with those brands on the markets.

      It might be ironic as i have seen a similar bag gets 10x higher price than this bag , no matter the previous was made by machine.

  This is the reason i am being supportive for those who are creating beautiful things by their hard working. The priceless process made by joy is beyond compare with the matter of outcomes.

      Same as life

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