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There are many things attract my attention in life which is interesting such as different cultures(specially myths & stories) and history in any period of time and age . 
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

A New good life - Say goodbye to the past

   There are some moments when you realized that life aren't always been easy as those "good old days", as i have already choose this long path alone for goals that worth fighting for.   

 All those experiences as taken preciously including the darkest part in my life.  I wouldn't say the dark can not only destroy oneself but the bravest one always build from it .  I know there are plenty people out there are going through exactly what i went through -No matter the past,present or future.  

   It's really hard for me to see who will listening to me with a truthful heart until there have had been so many hurting without notice happened on my by others.   But ever since it is a past as i am writing here-There's no better way instead of letting it go.   Things can't be back as how it was . 

  Once it has becoming a truth , it can only making me feel stronger to walking towards my path.   Here is an old photograph taken by my vietnamese friend Linh Nguyen back to collage .  

   I was way too surprised about this photo once i founded in my collage final project's exhibition, because i never thought about this kind of thing will happen on me as my photo was taken as her inspiration as shown on her works. I still really appreciate about how mush she taught me in life .

                                                                                          (Photo taken and re-created by Linh Nguyen)

  The topic of her work was basic on different identities on oneself. I didn't quit remember the whole origin concept from her own idea. But i have my own point of thoughts about it.   Inspired by "Who You Are" can be easy to found in between human activities, specially when it comes to the process of the grown strength by knowing yourself through day to day life.   Although it's pretty easy to be ignore , but i believed that we all asked our parents or friends those 'weird' questions about our universe or our connection with this earth. 

  The most typical one as i still remember was- "Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?" All those question was using in French artist Paul Gauguin's painting as the title shown previously.This painting was created in the island called"Tahiti" as Paul once lived there.


  Modern life within complex information and all kinds of social media are taking away my inner peace and making others starting to forgot the pure curiosity and the braveness to discover and find it's own answer by what is seeing to be truth.  

  I do believe that every person can find their own interest then developing as a part of their live and make the best of it , only if they discover their potential strength by knowing who they are-It's also interesting go on a journey knowing who you are by the process(of course it is going to be fun but full of mistakes and decisions ) but that couldn't be a reason to give up or run away. 

  I truly hope that everyone can find their own little world fill with colorful imaging lands like a beautiful landscape whenever that you feels alone or dealing with tough situations . 

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