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I am a Fashion student who is contemporary studying in Nottingham (UK). 
There are many things attract my attention in life which is interesting such as different cultures(specially myths & stories) and history in any period of time and age . 
This blog contains all my passion in life and the thought of mine to share with those who inspired by me just for who i am underneath. Welcome to my journey of life :D
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Working Endlessly

    I have been working on a new project's final (It's about color project) , and the truth that making me feel even more exciting is about next following three months of holiday which includes my amazing volunteering trip to Sri Lanka.

There aren't anything else more encouraging when i feel almost giving up half way through before. 
Even though this is the thing i am going to do for the rest of my life , but still... nothing never can be too easy to achieve.

Anyway i will be getting in touch and posting more interesting things here after those traffic weeks. Good Luck :)

                                                        (All photos copyright @ Jiaqi 2014)

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