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There are many things attract my attention in life which is interesting such as different cultures(specially myths & stories) and history in any period of time and age . 
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring are full of colourful prints

                                                                                                           (Copyright belongs to Jiaqi Han)

I can't hardly describe how much i love about spring and summer except i got some sensitive skin problem lately by this transaction from the weather.

The topic i have been considering about spring is going to be all kinds of bright print fabrics that first came out of my mind. 

It would be perfect to wear this outfit walking down the beach and writing the notes with thoughts till the sunset once the weather gets any warmer.

So here i am to share some of my spring holiday getaways inspired look.

High waist Maxi long Skirt from New Look print exotic skirt

Necklace from PeopleTree
Las Vefas Crop Bra Top from FreePeople

  The lipstick i have been using is by Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy #4 . I highly recommend YSL as the one of the kind daily favor. 

Their lipstick has the best smell out of all brands and you can also find your shape of color which match with your skin color.
And speaking of this perfume names"Thai Lily" contains Bali mango, 
Asiatic lily and teakwood. I found it about a month ago on Anthropologie.

The special thing about this perfume is the bottle design different then the most of perfumes on the market as you can see through the photo detail given below.

There's a sentence written on the bottle"Go Be Lovely"is just adorable way to make you feel so nice whenever you are using it.

If you want me to make my choice in between my phone or notebooks.
There's no doubt that the winner will be notebooks for me. 

I collecting all kinds of notebooks to fill my endless feeling in between those paper with ink and my emotion ever since i was a little girl. 

This might be the great escape to clam myself being peaceful during short break if i wouldn't have enough money and time for travel.
As you can tell there are a lots of flower things going on no matter shown on those covers or the floral crown. 

I have confession to make- I already drown myself into this helpless obsession which full of floral crown.
It's going to be the next episode of my blog.

                                  Enjoy the spring                                   

Jiaqi with Love

Nail Polish from Paul&Joe at BeautyBay 
Notebooks Set from Ted Backer where you can find at johnlewis
Floral Crown from ASOS

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